How long will it take to install a security system in my home?

Typically, it will take anywhere from one to three days for the installation of a home alarm system depending on whether it’s wireless or hardwired. We try to hardwire your system whenever possible. This time frame includes installation, testing, programming, and a lesson on how to use the alarm system.

What happens if a burglar cuts my phone lines?

A cellular backup radio can be installed with any alarm system. This device will send a signal to our central station even if the outside phone lines are cut or not functioning.

If I want to have a security system installed with motion detectors how will I protect my family when they are home? Won’t the motion detectors be triggered when we move around the house?

The alarm systems that we install will allow you to deactivate motion detectors when you are home. We can also design your home alarm system to turn on certain motion detectors at bed time and/or turn them all off when you want complete freedom to move throughout the entire house’s interior.

I have an existing system. If I work with SAE, will I have to buy all new equipment?

Specialty Alarm can work with most security equipment. There are certain companies that install equipment that only they can work with. If your equipment is compatible there is usually no charge to activate.

Can I arm and disarm my system from my mobile device?

Yes, with the total connect app you will be able to control your alarm system as well as receive updates on system status and interactions.  For instance, wouldn't it be nice to get a text or email when your child arrives home to an empty house.  

How will my system be monitored on a daily basis?

Our UL listed central station has experienced staff that monitors your alarm signals twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.  When an alarm signal is received they react accordingly to the alarm zone that was triggered. For example, if a low battery is received we send you an email vs. a second floor window the police will be called and then you will be notified.

Do you offer a referral program?

SAE offers its customers three months free basic monitoring for the referral of a new customer that signs up for monitoring with SAE.