Flooding in your basement is the last thing you want to find after coming home from a vacation or a long day at work. Installing a comprehensive home alarm system specifically designed to fit your home, needs and lifestyle is the peace-of-mind you need to feel that your home is protected while you are away.  In certain areas of the country, like the Midwest, a flood in your basement is a potential reality that would be best to prepare for.  Whether at work, out of town, sleeping or just out for the day you want to know as quickly as possible if your home is experiencing any water issues. The sooner you are able to respond, the better likelihood you have to preventing damage.

Find a solution that keeps your mind in the moment and not wondering whether your water heater is about to create a new, un-planned indoor pool in your basement. Specialty Alarm Engineering is here to help. 

What can be done to prevent major flood damage in your basement? 

Quite a few things, actually.  Older homes mean older pipes and home appliances. The smallest crack could mean a huge flood. 

Also, in places like the Midwest, the weather fluctuates quite a bit which causes pipes to expand and potentially crack. That small crack turns into a huge break in the system (an LOTS of money and headaches). 

A huge misconception is that security alarm systems are only for fires and burglaries.  That’s totally wrong.  Water sensors notify homeowners every day of a potential flood in their homes.  A total alarm system gives you peace of mind even when it comes to leaks in your basement. 

Water sensors catch the leaks before they turn into big problems

Even the smallest holes in your plumbing can result in hundreds of dollars in wasted water. Over 250 gallons of water is released a day due to a 1/8-inch crack in a pipe. These slow leaks, if not caught, can lead to rotting floors, crumbling walls, and more. 

Small leaks also have the tendency to build mold within your home which can lead to health problems.  Your family will end up coughing, wheezing, or in the hospital. Mold is extremely costly to remove especially if you leave it untreated for a long period of time. Avoid the potential illness, expense and hastle and prepare your home before it gets too far. 

Water sensor technology is getting better every day

If a pipe bursts in your basement, let the leak sensor be your watch dog with instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet.   Almost 40 percent of all homeowners have said that they have experienced loss from water damage.  Those statistics are incredible when it comes to how many homes are affected by flooding. 

It’s amazing how information is transmitted by the click of a button.  The same applies to notifications for water sensors.  While on vacation, you can receive an alert, letting you know there’s a small leak in your home.  The potential problem can be checked on and dealt with, leaving you with one less thing to worry about while sipping mojitos on the beach. Those who live on a flood plane, where water issues are common, should definitely consider adding these extra precautionary measures. Spending some money up front to make sure your home and assets are protected can save you a great deal of money long-term.

Turn up the heat

In the cold winter months, one of the biggest causes of floods is frozen pipes that burst.  Beat them to the punch when you install a water sensor along with a low-temperature sensor.  Don’t let your old pipes keep you at home and away from living your life.  Not only will the sensor tell you about a leak, but it will also alert you when there is excess moisture on your pipes, and it will turn on your water heater when the temperature goes below 45 degrees, so your pipes do not freeze.  Technology continues to improve and automate details like this that can ease your mind. Over 90 percent of floods are preventable according to FEMA.  Don’t be a statistic and take action. 

Homeowners insurance is not enough

Your repairs are taken care of, for the most part, when something happens to your home if you have homeowner’s insurance.  But you are at the mercy of the insurance adjuster.  Also, they knock off the deductible from your total estimate.  You are not even getting all of the money back to replace everything.  Some insurance deductibles can go up to $5000.  That extra out of your pocket that you could have saved if you were notified with a water sensor. There is also always the risk, once a claim is made against your insurance, that your premium will then be increased and cost you much more on an annual basis moving forward.

Even though many of the expenses should be covered, waiting to receive that reimbursement check in the mail and waiting for home repairs to finish is an extra headache that could be avoided. Home renovations are tough, especially when you are not prepared.  It is an extra thing to manage, more people in and out of your house, more time out of your busy schedule and overall just an unnecessary added stress in your life.

Water sensors are a great addition to your security alarm package.  The peace of mind you get from knowing when even the smallest leak will send you a notification will leave you enjoying the moment while you are on vacation, at the office, or just going about your day. The right alarm company, like Specialty Alarm Engineering, will come to your home and give you a free analysis. Taking the time to review your homes specific layout, your families lifestyle and addressing specific concerns will help establish the perfect custom security and home safety package for you. SAE has been proudly serving the Glenview community and greater Chicagoland area for decades. You can trust our family with your family and home. Contact us today to learn more.