Without a doubt, the village of Glenview is an outstanding place to buy a home and raise a family. It is a prosperous suburban village in the state of Illinois, near Lake Michigan. Glenview has great schools for your children, beautiful homes for your family, excellent restaurants, well-known health care practices and many recreational areas.

Although Glenview is a safe area to live no area is completely free from crime. Many Glenview residents leave their homes for work or to take their kids to school without locking their front doors. All it takes is one time for your home to be violated, your family to be put at risk, and your valuables taken for you to value an advanced security system. Following crime reports, many families look to local security companies to view their options.

There are many local security companies in Glenview and other surrounding towns like Northfield and Winnetka. Specialty Alarm Engineering, also known as SAE, is known for their excellent products and top-notch customer service. They’ve been providing homes with security systems since 1975.

SAE is an industry leader in the area, providing alarm systems to both the commercial and residential industries.

They offer customizable alarm systems to suit your family’s specific needs. Every home is built differently with various strong and weak points. Specialty Alarm doesn’t just walk in and install a system, but they truly analyze your home and offer the best solution to your security problem.

With over forty years of experience, the service-oriented company has installed countless burglar alarms, fire alarms, cameras and access control systems. All of which can be installed in your home, but also in commercial locations.

If you’re a small business owner with a store front in the north shore it would be beneficial to your business to reach out to Specialty Alarm. They have your interests in mind, and won’t settle for a subpar installation. The installation and maintenance of all equipment is a priority at SAE, and installed by well-trained and well-equipped individuals.

Specialty Alarm Engineering offers fire protection services as well. These aren’t limited to residential fire alarm systems. They install smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat detectors as well. Every home is at risk of a fire, and it’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure your family and your home are as safe as possible. These alarms can be life-saving.

The fire alarm system is connected to the company system, allowing SAE to closely monitor the activity fire alarm system. In the case of a fire, the company will be alerted and within no time the fire department has turned their sirens on and headed to your home. There is no additional fee for these monitoring services, which is something that sets them apart from competitors.

While most people worry leaving their house unmonitored, most residents in Glenview work in peace thanks to the residential camera system installed by Specialty Alarm Engineering. The software Specialty Alarm Engineering uses is high-end and incredibly effective.

As far as the physical installation goes, it’s relatively quick. They do installations in garages, living rooms, kitchens, balconies and much more. SAE has been working with families since the beginning of their business, and they place a strong value on customer service. You’re guaranteed to have a positive business interaction with all their employees.

Technology improvements have made securing your home much easier. Camera systems have the ability to be integrated with your Smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you always keep an eye on your home. These systems allow you to watch what matters most to you from wherever you are. The integrated camera monitoring systems are extremely user friendly, and easy to navigate. The SAE team will teach you how to use the technology as well!

The advanced systems installed by SAE allow you to see in real time if your home security becomes threatened. One of the main reasons these systems are much safer than others is because you have control over your home security system. You don’t need to rely on the neighbors to contact the authorities, or call the security system company to get a false alarm turned off.

They also install digital lock systems which allow certain parts of your home to require additional security. Whether it be hiding your wine cellar from your teenagers or your safe from unwanted house guests SAE can install a digital lock system with access control placed in the hands of the home owner. You have the luxury of selecting your own codes, managing access, and ensuring your privacy is protected.

Specialty Alarm Engineering offers the most up-to-date products, clean and timely installations while providing excellent customer service. With the services SAE has to offer you have the ability to protect your home against burglary and fire, integrated with camera security systems and 24/7 monitoring services. If you reside in the Chicagoland area or North Shore community reach out to Specialty Alarm Engineering to improve the security in your home or business.