Knowledge is power, as the old saying goes. And with modern technology, it has never been more true. Think about the phone in your pocket, and how much power has gone into that tiny computer. How much power it gives you over things in your life, from being more efficient at your job to being better touch with the people you care about. Why do you think they call them “smart” phones?

Now, it’s not just your phone that gets to be smart, it’s your whole house. And that doesn’t just give you power, it gives you safety, security, and peace of mind. A smart home can take so many of the little things in your house that worry you, cost you money, or just simply get forgotten - and makes them connected, automated and firmly in your control.

Picture this. You’re at work and you get a call from your teenager who just got home from school to discover she’s misplaced her keys. She’s checked her backpack and retraced her steps and thinks maybe her keys went for a ride on a lunch tray in the cafeteria. Oops. So what now? Leave work early? Call a locksmith? Leave a key under the doormat? No great solutions. But with a smart lock, she could just let herself into the house with a fingerprint, and the system can even text you to you know she got home safely.

Here’s another scenario. You’re heading down to the basement fridge to grab a bottle of water before going up to bed, where you’ll spend a blissfully relaxing twenty minutes playing a game on your phone before passing out. But as you step off the stairs onto the basement floor it hits you. Wet sock. Did someone spill on the carpet? No, it’s not just a spot, it’s the whole floor. Now, instead of relaxing in bed you’re in for hours of tearing the basement apart to find the leak, filing insurance claims and dealing with expensive repairs. With smart water sensors, that leak could be detected immediately, along with a notification call so you could deal with the problem before it became a problem.

One more. You’re an hour into that long-awaited vacation road trip, and you think, “Huh. Did we close the garage?” So you try to call your neighbors, but the one isn’t home and you don’t have the other’s number. Now, you either have to turn around and go all the way back, or somehow convince yourself you probably closed the garage and it’s probably fine. Vacation - ruined. With a smart garage door, you could just open the connected app on your phone and check on the garage door yourself.

No two homes are the same, and a solution that’s “smart” for one family, might not be right for another. That’s why it’s important to install a system that is custom tailored to your home. No matter what challenges your home presents, there are probably smart solutions that will save you time, money and add to your peace of mind.