Nobody knows your home better than you do. You know how that scuff on the wall by the basement door got there. You know about that one drain that always seems to clog in a heavy Chicago storm. You know the trick to making sure the window in the kitchen closes and locks all the way. You know where someone - not naming any names - always seems to leave their laptop lying around. You know which bedroom is left empty for guests, and which ones aren’t. You probably even know the best way to break in to your house.

You know who doesn’t know your home? A box. More specifically, an alarm system that comes in a box. A home is as unique as the family that lives there. Yet too often, home security companies treat their residential systems like they are one, two, or three-sizes-fit-all. Companies that claim to offer the best home security in the Chicagoland area act as though every family should fit into one of three nice, neat little packages.

The problem with these packages, is that they might force you to spend too much on an alarm system with way more than you actually need. Or worse yet, they may encourage you to settle for a more affordable package that leaves your home vulnerable.

A custom home alarm system on the other hand, means security that is tailored to fit you and your family perfectly. Custom security means taking advantage of your knowledge of your home. You can point out the areas you know are most vulnerable, and give a little extra protection to the spots that are most worth guarding.

A burglar alarm is a must in or around Chicago. So be wary of forcing your family into a home security package designed for everyone else. Instead, consider a custom home security system, designed just for you. Some hear custom on think expensive, but in our case custom means the right system for your home, lifestyle and budget. Contact SAE today to discuss the right system for your needs.